Up-Goer Five: Quantum Computer

These types of computers can figure out problems that your normal computer can’t figure out quickly. They can even figure out problems our normal computers at home can’t figure out at all, or even the really large computers that are as big as a room. Some problems that take years can be figured out in seconds. We can even have these computers work together with the fast computers we have now.

This computer can be built to figure out these problems because it uses a different way to use the numbers 1 or 0 to talk to other parts of the computer. Instead of a normal computer, you can have either the 1 or the 0 (or yes or no), this type of computer holds the chance that it is carrying a 1 or 0. So there’s a chance that it is 1, and a chance that it is 0. When this piece is talking to another part of the computer, they work together when we are asking it a question to give us the right answer faster.

This computer can do things like help doctors care for us better by figuring out how things work within our bodies, make things safer by helping them stay stronger when it’s hot, or just figure out how our world works when we look at the very small pieces of what makes up every human, car, or star.

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