Post-Quantum Cryptography at Google

Google, one of the front runners in the race for quantum computing, announced their first experiments with post-quantum cryptography. Why does it matter? If Google is starting to worry about post-quantum cryptography, maybe they had a breakthrough in large scale universal quantum computing? See the original blog post here: Google’s Post-quantum cryptography experiment It’s […]

Why the NSA moving away from Suite B cryptography due to quantum computers makes total sense

TL;DR —Quantum computers could actually have been the trigger to begin the move to post-quantum cryptography.  Even though the Snowden files released in 2013 showed limited progress from the NSA on quantum computers, the last 2 years since have been a storm of real, practical results, as well as funding poured into both companies and academic research. […]

Why don’t post-quantum encryption standards exist yet?

TL;DR — With increased funding, quantum computing is moving into a “Manhattan Project” era, where the timeline to a small, useable quantum computer could be drastically reduced. When the first quantum computers are ready to go in the next 5–10 years, we need to have security protocols in place. Post-quantum cryptography solutions do currently exist. We still have time, […]

The Quantum Network Hacker Lab

TL;DR — Quantum computers are going to render a lot of current encryption techniques obsolete. Though quantum systems are inherently more secure, quantum networks and quantum key distribution suffer from some of the same vulnerabilities that classical networks do. How do we protect the quantum network? The first system has an opportunity to establish itself as a […]